Reddit Gifts: Welcome to my collection!

More than a couple times now, I have received items in these exchanges that I already own. Not that I don’t enjoy doubles sometimes… but to avoid the confusion, because there isn’t enough room in the ABOUT ME section, I thought I’d list a few of the things I already have here. (And hey, if you’ve stumbled here for some other reason, check out my great nerdy collection! If you don’t know what Reddit Gifts is, it is place where you can participate in themed gift exchanges a few times a year. Click *RIGHT HERE* to go check it out!)

Games I already own:

Zombie Fluxx
Boss Monster
Buffy the vampire slayer the game (MB 2000)
Buffy the vampire slayer the game (Jasco 2016)
Firefly Shiny Dice
Firefly Fistful of Credits
Firefly Out to the Black
Monopoly Here & Now
Poo The card game
Top Trumps Buffy, Doctor Who, and Horror
Supernatural Clue
Supernatural Trivial Pursuit
Cthulhu Gloom
We didn’t playtest this at all (and expansions)
Exploding kittens (and expansions)
Lord Of The Rings deckbuilder
Cards Against Humanity (and many expansions)
Party Pooper
Oh Gnome You Dont
Magic The Gathering the board game
The Walking Dead board game
Ricochet Robots
Lost Cities

I also own MANY of the Buffy comic books, all of the SEASONS, anyway. And the script books. And the Buffy Mad Libs. And the coloring books. And 3 copies of the Supernatural coloring book. Although I am not much of a coloring person.


*UPDATE* Since posting this I have added both Buffy Rock Candy figures to my collection, The Buffy/Faith 2 pack Funko figures, and the Baby w/Dean Funko Ride.



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