Funko Pop In A Box!

Do I have any readers/friends who like Funko anything?? I LOVE Funko stuff, and they just started a new subscription thing where you can get one (or more up to 12) every month for only $10, INCLUDING those extra rare ones that you see for sale on Amazon for $50.

You can customize what you receive by thumbs upping what you want, and thumbs downing what you dont want, and you can thumbs down complete categories of things you dont like (because who really likes the Mopeez?) They guarantee that they will never send you anything that you select you dont want.

They have so many different fandoms… . Just make sure that you price check some of the pops you want before you thumbs them up, as some of the basic ones go for only like $8 on amazon. This is better to use to get the exclusive and rare variants for super cheap! Like the Metallic Bloodsplatter Dean Winchester, which is usually $30 on Amazon… Im getting that bad boy for $15 (or $13, if I get him for my first month!) My bookshelf is about to become very angry with me.

Use my link and you get 20% off your first box, and after like 5 people use my link I get a free box. Its win/win.



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